New product allows glutathione to be taken orally

18 Feb 2022

Vitamin and supplement manufacturer HINNAO has created a new liposome technology which allows glutathione to be taken orally rather than through IV drip therapy.

Previously, glutathione molecules couldn’t pass through the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, therefore failing to reach the bloodstream when taken orally. However, the new technology is able to absorb through the mucous membrane within 60-90 seconds into the bloodstream, the company explains. The technology uses a high shear process which subjects the particles to 40,000 per square inch, encapsulating the particles uniformly, whilst the phospholipid medium-chain triglycerides base, ensures the product does not fall out, adds HINNAO.

Nayan Shah, superintendent pharmacist at Mediva Pharmacy and distributor of HINNAO, said, “Regular use of the HINNAO nano-sized liquid drops helps overcome the short half-life of glutathione, regulating an immune response and protection against oxidative stress. Our practitioners tell us how their patients’ skin looks and feels revitalised, as well as reporting marked improvement on overall health.”


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