New products launch to combat digital screen ageing

03 Jun 2021

Skincare brand Digital Defence has introduced a new range of products to protect the skin from day-to-day exposure to digital screen technology.

According to the company, the products help to protect the skin from high energy visible light (HEV) blue light, emitted from screens, smartphones and LED lights and aid in combating the signs of digital ageing.

The five new products include the exfoliating treatment mask, hydrating cleansing milk, dual action eye cream and the day and night protection serum and cream.

The company explains that the range contains natural active ingredients such as argan oil which promotes suppleness and reduces the appearance of fines lines; avocado oil which adds moisture to nourish the skin; and lemon extract which prepares the skin for subsequent treatment.

Creator of the Digital Defence range, pharmacist Dr Franco Marinello commented, “The original idea to create Digital Defence came from the realisation that many people spend a lot of time in front of a screen or are subjected to LED lights. Prolonged and excessive exposure to both UV and blue light radiations causes premature ageing of the skin such as hyperpigmentation and dullness in skin tone, while the degradation of collagen can result in fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.” 


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