New study reveals women’s attitudes towards beauty

12 Jul 2016

Global research conducted by Allergan suggests almost half of women think building self-confidence is equally as important as improving sagging skin when seeking aesthetic treatment.

'The Changing Faces of Beauty: A Global Report', captures the opinions of beauty and ageing from 7,700 women and is one of the largest of its kind. It collates online interviews with women aged 18-65 from 16 different countries.

The study suggested that 75% of women make the effort to look good primarily for themselves, and for women seeking aesthetic treatments, general beautification (63%) is a bigger motivator than addressing the signs of ageing (50%). This particular finding varied in China, where researchers noted the changing or enhancing of a specific feature was the key trigger for seeking out beauty treatments.  

When it comes to injectables, the study suggested that 65% of women agree that facial fillers are more socially acceptable than they were five years ago, and 57% feel they can look natural, but 21% are still concerned about having a ‘frozen’ facial expression.

"What is especially exciting about this new research is the discovery that women around the world are united by an increasing desire to control how their looks evolve with time," says Caroline Van Hove, senior vice president, International Medical Aesthetics at Allergan. "And whether through photography filters, makeup or aesthetic procedures, investing in beauty is their way of positively influencing their image."


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