New surgical TV programme receives criticism from BAPRAS

15 Feb 2019

A new show will air on Channel 4 that will allow patients to pitch their desired surgery to a panel of judges, called ‘The Surjury’.

However, professionals in the aesthetic field have criticised the production because they believe it could glamourise surgery. In this production, patients will stand before a jury and pitch their ideal cosmetic surgery, the jury will then vote on whether they should undergo the procedure. The patients must secure 75% of the panel to vote for them to receive the treatment. 

Mr Mark Henley, president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons said, “We are extremely concerned about the message this programme portrays and its particular focus on young people. Based on the promotional material alone, we believe the show will trivialise the serious decision all should take when considering aesthetic procedures. It is disappointing that, in 2019, we are still having to remind large broadcasters of the potential harm caused by glamourising cosmetic surgery – particularly when targeting young adults or those with self-esteem issues.” 

The creator of ‘The Surjury’, Gobstopper Television, has also commissioned another series for BBC Three, called ‘Surgery on Show’. 

During the programme, patients will observe the cosmetic surgery procedure they are interested in prior to having the treatment. Each patient will be joined by a friend or family member to watch the procedure being performed. Throughout the process, the group will debate the positive and negatives of cosmetic surgery, while studio guests with experience of the procedure will offer information surrounding the operation.


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