New vegan skincare brand launches

29 Jun 2018

Vida For You vegan skincare range has launched in the UK.

The range consists of eight products, including a combination of creams and serums specifically design for targeting concerns such as oily skin, dry skin, signs of ageing and loss of skin elasticity and also aims to brighten the skin.

Eddy Emilio, director of UK distributor Vida Aesthetics and founder of Vida For You said, “I am truly excited to reveal our latest skincare range. What makes the range so special is that it is our own vegan brand that has been two years in the making.”

“Using my 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, I wanted to produce a luxury vegan range that was also friendly to the environment. Being able to use what is considered ‘surplus produce’ and turning it into super-charged raw ingredients has made this range incredibly eco-friendly and at the same time has resulted in creams and serums that I believe deliver what they promise,” he added.

Emilio added that the products have many uses, “You can use the creams and serums on their own or you can blend them together to create unique elixirs for your face and neck.”

All of the products are sourced from the Mediterranean and manufactured in Italy, the company claims.


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