New wellness smartphone technology launches

01 Nov 2017

A custom-lifestyle mobile phone app has launched in the UK with the aim of managing wellness, skin health and general health.

The My iDDNA app is designed to get the know the user, their goals and routines and provides 'informed, scientific and proactive advice' for a healthier lifestyle. Through biomarkers and artificial intelligence, it is said to be able to learn from the user's activities and lifestyle, for instance, measuring pollution levels and UV exposure. It then translates all of this information into a wellness programme. It can recommend a tailored skincare programme and personalised meal plans to help reinforce the user's immune system.

My iDDNA will offer a personalised skincare service that is tailor-made for the user's complexion. By completing a skin diagnosis on the app, the user is then sent a DNA kit, which once used, will be posted to a lab in the US where it will be studied to find out if the user is more genetically disposed to certain skin conditions, such as a lack of collagen, or sunburn.

Then, a bespoke and clinically-tested cosmeceutical treatment will be handcrafted in Switzerland with a unique combination of active ingredients that are deemed to work best for the user's skin. The skincare is received after one to two weeks in a named bottle comprising of a day cream, night cream, eye cream and mini SPF.

My iDDNA is designed to also monitor the skin as it changes over time. Each month, the user can receive a bespoke skincare regime with a completely different formula, depending on what their skin needs at that specific time.

My iDDNA is available now.


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