Nimue Skin Technology releases new superfluids

14 Sep 2018

Skincare company Nimue Skin Technology has announced the launch of its Professional Superfluids.

There will be five products in the range including the Retinol Superfluid, for patients whose primary concern is ageing; the Vitamin C Superfluid, for those with hyperpigmented and dull skin; the Prebiotic Superfluid, which targets problematic and acne-prone skin; Transdermal Nicotinamide Adrenaline Dinucleotide (NAD) Superfluid, for patients who are concerned with sagging as well as dull skin; and the Cyanoacrylate Super Fluid used for the treatment of sensed and inflamed skin.

The Superfluids are used to customise the company’s existing professional treatments and provide an example of a patient presenting in clinic with problematic, acne-prone skin but with an usual dryness due to the change in seasons. The customised Superfluids would treat the overall concern as well as addressing any temporary dryness, Nimue claims.

Victoria Sargeson, Nimue brand manager for distributor Sweet Squared said, “These innovative products allow Nimue skin therapists to be completely in control of the treatment and address the patient’s primary skin concerns, as well as any temporary concerns at the time of the appointment. Skin professionals can use up to two Superfluids in any one treatment, these simply mix with the existing treatment.”

The Superfluids will be launched to Nimue stockists from November 2018 and will be distributed in the UK & Ireland by Sweet Squared.


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