OFAA announces new complications course

12 Sep 2017

Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy (OFAA) has introduced a new course that aims to educate delegates on the management of filler complications by dissolution with hyaluronidase.

The Anatomical Basis of Prevention and Management of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Complications & Hyaluronidase Wet-Lab course will be directed by oculoplastic surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai and instructed by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Benoit Hendrickx and consultant oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Miss Julia Sen.

According to OFAA, delegates will learn how to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers with guidance on the dilution of hyaluronidase, how to manage granulomas and how to place filler safely based on vascular, bony and ligamentous anatomy. They will also be informed of current recommendations for emergency treatment of blindness and will practice supraorbital and retrobulbar hyaluronidase injections in human cadavers.

The course will take place on October 7 at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London and is available to healthcare professionals only. 


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