On the Scene: Aesthetics Business Conference, London

28 Sep 2017

The first ever Aesthetic Business Conference (ABC) created and hosted by Hamilton Fraser and Church Pharmacy took place at The Royal Society in London on September 25.

The conference aimed to equip practitioners and clinic managers with business knowledge through numerous presentations and networking. 

Guests were greeted with a delicious breakfast, and were provided with lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the day. 
During the conference, a variety of sessions were held, which were hosted by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance, Galderma, Church Pharmacy, Aesthetic Source and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP). 

Sessions included a talk on technology in aesthetics with co-director of Church Pharmacy, Zain Bhojani, and managing director of CRM software company Pabau, Billy Brandham. This was followed by a talk on delivering patient-centered consultations with Dr Ravi Jain, who discussed the importance of providing excellent patient service, and advised on how to increase customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, aesthetic nurse prescriber and trainer Lorna Bowes presented on the value of long-term patient relationships, which was followed by a talk from aesthetic insurance and claims manager, Naomi Di-Scala, who detailed how to deal with regulatory requirements and retain patients in clinic. Director of Cosmetic Digital, Adam Hampson, lead the final expert session on improving digital marketing. 

The conference ended with an expert panel discussion on the future of the industry and saw industry leaders, including CEO of Hamilton Fraser Eddie Hooker, interim chair of the JCCP Professor David Sines, director of the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) Sally Taber, aesthetic practitioner Dr Uliana Gout, Zain Bhojani and Lorna Bowes debating critical themes set to affect the aesthetics industry in the near future.   

Speaking of the event, Hooker said, “The aim of this event was to provide more education to practitioners who want to start out in the business. A lot of conferences are very medically focused and when starting up your own business, people often feel quite alone.” 

He added, “The whole idea of the ABC was to move away from the clinical side of things and talk about how to set up your company. We also wanted to focus on areas such as technology, how to retain customers, what type of insurance is needed and regulatory requirements, which were all covered during the conference.” 


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