On the Scene: BCAM Virtual Conference 2021

The British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) held its two-day Virtual Conference on September 10-11.

Sessions, including skincare, fat reduction, injectable innovations and skin tightening, radiofrequency and microneedling were discussed. A regulation panel discussion explored how associations can influence and inform government policy.

The skincare session opened with aesthetic practitioner and appointed appraiser and mentor for the BCAM Dr Bhavjit Kaur exploring ‘Treating Hyperpigmentation with Efficacious Skincare’, followed by aesthetic practitioner Dr Manav Bawa discussing ‘The Importance of Vitamin C and Sun Protection in Your Skincare Regime’. Consultant pharmacist prescriber Mary Keltai spoke on ‘The Science Behind Skincare’, defining what ‘organic’ skincare meant as patients are often confused with the debate between ‘organic vs safe’. She noted, “Close to 80% of the skincare ingredients used within skincare products are from petra chemicals. There is a massive consumer demand for greener ingredients in skincare. You will engage and retain patients if you are able to explain the science behind the skincare you recommend.”

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Sophie Shotter discussed ‘Skin Conditions for the Non-Dermatologist’. Dr Shotter outlined her recommendations on appropriate skincare options or devices to help these patients, adding, “Have a good network of professionals you can contact once you have reached the end of your expertise so you can pass these patients on to them.”

The session ended with immunologist Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani, discussing ‘The Use of Growth Factors in Skincare for Men’.

Kicking off the afternoon session was aesthetic practitioner Dr Selena Langdon discussing the ‘CoolSculpting Elite – The Science, Art and Results’. National medical advisor for Novo Nordisk Nigel Morgan outlined ‘Pharmacological Interventions in Weight Management’, whilst consultant plastic, reconstructive and burn surgeon Dr William Van Niekerk spoke on ‘Body Contouring and Weight Loss – A Surgeon’s Perspective’. Another Q&A session ended the first Virtual Conference.

BCAM president Dr Uliana Gout commented following
the event, “The conference was a huge success! Thank you to all our members for
attending these last two days, it means so much to us. As we have mentioned, we
have our 20th anniversary this year, which is long heritage for our

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