On the Scene: Beechwood Aesthetics Treatment Launch, Sunderland

28 Jun 2017

Beechwood Aesthetics launched a new treatment, Biodentical Hormone Therapy, at their Sunderland clinic on June 16.

Aesthetic nurse and founder of Beechwood Aesthetics, Beverley Ashton, provided guests with a presentation on the treatment, where she discussed the importance of hormonal balance, with particular reference to the menopause and andropause.

She explained that Biodentical Hormone Therapy aims to provide an individualised treatment to help restore the body to optimum health and vitality.

Speaking about the treatment, Ashton said, "At the event I think people learnt that there are options for patients to consider as they go through hormonal imbalance. As a bio-identical hormone replacement therapy therapist, I hope this event will empower our attendees to go and investigate further options."


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