On The Scene: Galderma DHAT Advanced Facial Anatomy Teaching Day, London

03 Jan 2018

International pharmaceutical company Galderma invited five aesthetic practitioners from Taiwan to travel to London to take part in the Advanced Facial Anatomy Teaching course, held by Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training (DHAT).

Between December 19-20, the practitioners were trained in current anatomical concepts of facial anatomy, including the lower face, forehead and periorbital, as well as complication management for botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections.

On December 19, consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah led the training with oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic practitioner Dr Maryam Zamani. They discussed current anatomical concepts of facial anatomy and performed live cadaver dissections on the lower face, forehead and periorbital area.

The second day focused on botulinum toxin complications and facial volumising using dermal fillers, as well as the management of potential complications. Delegates observed lower face, periorbital and forehead dissections, while also having the opportunity to perform treatments on cadavers under supervision.

Jennifer Lu, marketing manager for the aesthetic and corrective business unit Galderma Taiwan, said following the training, “Our participants were able to see the anatomy of a new hyaluronic acid injection technique named ‘True Lift’, which creates a lifting effect by injecting on true retaining ligaments using our high G’ product, Restylane Lyft. This was created and developed by the well-known Taiwanese plastic surgeon, Mr Peter Huang and Galderma, and was verified by Mr Humzah through cadaver dissections. Mr Humzah demonstrated the technique on cadavers and did an immediate dissection to find out if injection was on the true ligaments. It was impressive.”


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