On the Scene: IBSA International Masterclass, Italy

30 Apr 2019

HA-Derma, IBSA’s UK and Ireland exclusive distributor and training provider, invited selected practitioners to attend an international masterclass in Milan, Italy on March 28 and 29.

Practitioners from the UK, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Egypt, Croatia, Belarus and United Arab Emirates were welcomed by Leo Magnani, Gilberto Bellia and Susanna Grassi; all from IBSA’s Dermoesthetic Business Unit.

The event began with an introduction to IBSA and its product portfolio. Both days were dedicated to exploring the dermal filler Aliaxin, and involved discussions of the science, rheology, technical features and the patented Hydrolift Action technology.

Theory presentations were also complemented with live demonstrations from aesthetic practitioners Dr Beatriz Molina, Dr Gabriel Siquier Dameto, Dr Domenico Romano, Dr Antonello Tateo and Dr Ravi Jain.

Delegate and independent nurse prescriber Sara Cheeney from Pure Perfection Clinic based in Chester said, “The training was fantastic and was definitely the best training I’ve ever been on. I feel privileged to have been trained by such amazing practitioners and have been using the techniques in clinic this week already.”


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