On the Scene, JCCP Stakeholder Council launch, London

05 Oct 2017

Guests from a range of different backgrounds and companies in aesthetics were invited to attend the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) Stakeholder Council launch at Chandos House in London on September 20.

The aim of the launch event was to introduce the Stakeholder Council and showcase the core purpose and mission of both the JCCP and the Clinical Practice Standards Authority (CPSA). According to professor David Sines, inaugural chair of the JCCP, who ran the meeting, this purpose is to raise the standards and assure public and patient safety in aesthetics.

In his talk, professor Sines said, “The Stakeholder Council has been created by the JCCP Board of Trustees to provide the Board with advice, opinion, guidance and recommendations from a variety of informed perspectives about the operations of the JCCP in pursuit of its mission. The Council’s members reflect diverse experiences, geographies and interests in relation to the work of the JCCP.”

Part of the Council’s advice will include policy development, application of the JCCP/CPSA’s standards, the operation of the JCCP Registers and raising public awareness about patient safety in aesthetics.

Paul Burgess, executive support to the JCCP, said of the meeting, “It was excellent to see so many different people and organisations attending the launch of the JCCP Stakeholder Council. We witnessed significant positive support from all the stakeholders who attended the event and were pleased to be able to respond constructively to a range of challenging questions."

He added, "By establishing the Stakeholder Council, we are extending an invitation to all stakeholders to join with us to contribute purposefully to the work of the Council. By engaging and sharing positive contributions, the Stakeholder Council will seek to become a powerhouse for change within the sector.”

According to Burgess, over the coming weeks, the attendees and other interested parties will receive further information regarding the Stakeholder Council, its remit and how it will operate. The JCCP will also soon announce who it will appoint as independent chair of the Stakeholder Council, as proposed at the meeting.

In other developments, the CPSA guidelines are scheduled to be released early this month, while accreditation with the Professional Standards Authority is still being processed.

The JCCP is expected to officially launch in January 2018. 


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