On the Scene: Karen Betts, Gift of Confidence event, London

19 Apr 2018

On April 11 permanent cosmetic artist, medical tattooist and trainer, Karen Betts hosted an event to celebrate inspirational women at the Sanderson Hotel in London.

The event began with Betts welcoming press, friends and colleagues to the annual event and thanking those who had made it possible.

Betts explained that the purpose of the evening was to celebrate her work to help women feel the best version of themselves. To show this, Betts had chosen four women who she believed worthy of her ‘top-to-toe’ treatment.

Those four women, of whom between them had experienced cancer, alopecia, homelessness and amputation, were treated to beauty treatments, hair styling, professional make up and a new outfit for the evening.

TV Personality and acid burns victim, Katie Piper then hosted the remaining of the event, discussing her personal experience of Bett's work. She said “I have known Karen for a very long time and for me it feels like you have always taken a joy in trying to help people. I have experienced first-hand, Karen give the gift of confidence.”

Piper then introduced Alex Lewis, who had a Strep A infection that resulted in all four limbs being amputated. When discussing the work Betts had done for him, Lewis explained, “My whole world came crashing down when I became ill. I lost both arms and legs, but far worse than that was the facial disfigurement and my son was too frightened to get close to me. My plastic surgeon advised that I went to a tattoo parlour to have new lips tattooed on. I can’t even explain what Karen has done for me, it means my little boy can come close to me again.”

The night ended with all four women, chosen by Karen, showcasing their new looks and thanking Karen for all of the help that she had given them.

Betts concluded the evening, by saying, “It’s been an amazing day, we have had fun, shared tears and it has been really special. Thank you for what everyone has achieved today.”


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