On the Scene: Launch of Pellamex

08 Dec 2017

On November 20, guests were invited to Chandos House at The Royal Society of Medicine to celebrate the launch of Pellamex food supplements.

At the event, guests were introduced to Dr Peter Luebcke, chief executive officer of Curapel and the creators of Pellamex. He explained that Pellamex is the first food supplement in the Curapella brand and aims to work with skin’s biology to moisturise and support the skin’s natural barrier from within, and is ideal for those with dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin. 

Dr Luebcke was accompanied by other speakers; which included dermatology clinical adviser, Julie Van Onselen, who discussed sensitive skin; Dr Neil Gibbs, founder and chief technology officer of Curapel, who explained the story behind how Pellamex came about; and Liz Earle MBE, founder of botanical skincare company Liz Earle Wellbeing, who explained natural skin solutions.  

"The aim of this launch event was to inform people about our new product so that they could help us spread the word about pellamex,” said Dr Luebcke. He added, “We wanted to show that not only is there real scientific research and understanding behind this product, but there is also a real need for it. Products on the market for dry skin conditions and eczema often target the symptoms on the outside, but pellamex targets the cause from the inside. Pellamex provides a vital building block for the skin barrier protein filaggrin which is known to be defective in many dry skin conditions, including eczema. It is safe, natural and effective, and we wanted to let the world know!”


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