On the Scene: London Medical Education Academy, London

01 Aug 2017

The London Medical Education Academy (LMEDAC) ran its first 'Dissect and Inject' training course in June.

The not-for-profit organisation, which specialises in cadaveric dissection, provided hands-on training for aesthetic practitioners. The course, which was led by plastic surgeon Mr Taimur Shaoib, was also attended by members of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

The training included dissecting and injecting donated cadaveric human bodies, with delegates both witnessing dissection and dissecting the bodies themselves.

Speaking about the start-up, medical director and founder of LMEDAC, Angela Spang, said, "Medical education has long been a favourite topic of mine, and an area where I know huge improvement is needed. I am a practical and pragmatic person, and individual hands-on training improves outcomes, we all know that. To ensure patients aren’t harmed, we use donated cadaveric human bodies, and the learning opportunity using real tissue is outstanding."

Spang continued, "Obviously, we are limited to the donations we receive, and tissue availability is a challenge. We are tremendously grateful to the body donors; their generosity and grace is a true inspiration, with safer treatments for patients as a result."

Additional dates for the Autumn will be released on the company's website soon. 


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