On the Scene: Medical Aesthetic Group new premises launch, Southampton

09 Aug 2016

Aesthetic product supplier Medical Aesthetic Group (MAG) invited colleagues, professionals and journalists to the launch of its new premises in Southampton on August 5.

Chief executive officer of MAG, David Gower, spoke to attendees about MAG’s new offices, explaining the group now has expanded its warehousing facility, so can continue ship orders directly from their offices rather than using a third party. He said there is also now enough room for the whole team to be under one roof, allowing for improved communication, customer service and team building.

Jenny Claridge, director of sales at MAG, then spoke about the company’s enhanced product portfolio. She said the new portfolio incorporates all the ‘new minimally invasive technologies’, including nutraceutical Esthetchoc.

Also in the product offering is the latest range of cosmeceuticals from Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL), and filler treatment Fillerina. Claridge said these products are allowing MAG to work with the retail sector.

After the presentation, attendees were taken on Gower’s boat to the Isle of Wight, where they were able to sample the DCL SPF 30 and Esthechoc.

Claridge said after the event, “It was a fantastic day, not only to showcase our new office and warehousing facility for our growing team, but to share our position in the aesthetic market and how our products support that. We look forward to continued communication of our plans and support for the profession.”


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