On the Scene: OFAA wet-lab course, London

20 Nov 2017

The Oculo-Facial Aesthetic Academy (OFAA) ran a cadaver wet-lab course at King's College in London on October 7.

The course, entitled ‘Anatomical Basis of Prevention & Management of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Complications & Hyaluronic Wet-Lab’ was run by course director and oculoplastic surgeon Mrs Sabrina Shah-Desai, consultant plastic surgeon Professor Benoit Hendrickx and consultant oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Miss Julia Sen.

According to the academy, the course educated delegates on filler placement in different facial areas and the management of filler complications by dissolution with hyaluronidase. The company states that delegates had hands-on supervision and dissolved hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers on human cadavers with guidance, practiced supra orbital and retrobulbar hyaluronidase injections and discussed current recommendations for emergency treatment of blindness.

Additionally, according to the academy, delegates had an insight into reading the surface anatomy and real-time application of facial injectables, with an emphasis on patient safety and avoidance of structures in critical danger zones.

Mrs Shah-Desai said, "The course was met with enthusiasm and was a success. The delegates had an insight into reading the surface anatomy and experienced real-time application of facial injectables with an emphasis on patient safety." She added, "By having the opportunity to practice advanced injectable techniques on human cadavers, delegates were able to learn first-hand about the avoidance of critical danger zones as well as managing complications." 


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