On the Scene: Sinclair Pharma’s fifth World Expert Meeting, Barcelona

04 Dec 2017

On October 22-22, more than 1,000 practitioners met in Barcelona for Sinclair Pharma’s fifth World Expert Meeting (WEM).

The WEM focused on clinical advancements in aesthetic treatments, product developments and techniques being used across the globe.

Included in the agenda was a large focus on facial rejuvenation procedures using re-absorbable suspension sutures with cones, and dermal filler procedures that use either a collagen stimulator or hyaluronic acid products.

Among the highlights was a presentation by consultant aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah on anatomy, which was moderated by Dr Javier de Benito.

Sinclair Pharma CEO, Chris Spooner, said of the two-day event, “Today, it’s not necessarily about looking 10 or 15 years younger, but looking beautiful and age-appropriate. To truly address facial ageing, Sinclair is moving beyond filling wrinkles and lines. Our skin-lifting collagen stimulation treatments, and next-generation dermal fillers work over time to restore facial shape and volume for a more youthful and natural-looking appearance. This is the subtle way of achieving age-appropriate beauty.”

Nurse practitioner Patricia Goodwin, who attended the event as a delegate and speaker, said, “We heard talks on cutting-edge developments and technology with an evidence-based approach. This is essential to developing one’s own practice. In addition, meeting other professionals in the same specialty area in a social context is extraordinarily good for teasing out those questions and discussion points that may not arise in more formal circumstances.” 


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