On the Scene: Teoxane Expert Day, London

24 Sep 2018

On September 18, practitioners were invited to learn about the latest innovations and techniques by aesthetic manufacturer Teoxane UK in London.

Around 250 delegates attended the fifth Teoxane Expert Day (TED), which featured scientific and anatomical lectures and live demonstrations from leading UK and international speakers. The day focused on new techniques and key anatomical areas including the tear trough, lips and contouring of the mid and lower face.

After a welcome breakfast and a greeting from director of Teoxane UK Sandra Fishlock, who shared the achievements of Teoxane over the last 15 years, delegates heard from Dr Philippe Faraut, Dr Lee Walker, Dr Patrick Trevidic, Dr Wolfgang Redka-Swoboda, Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch, Dr Raul Cetto and Dr Ayad Harb.

Dr Walker discussed the visible signs of ageing from a cosmetic perspective, noting the trigger points on the face, while Dr Trevidic spoke about treating the periorbital area. Dr Redka-Swoboda illustrated this concept further by sharing why using suitable products for this treatment is key, and Dr Bhojani-Lynch performed a live treatment on the tear trough on a mature patient, followed by Dr Redka-Swoboda, who performed the same treatment on the patient’s daughter.

Dr Trevidic highlighted the anatomical challenges when treating the lip, followed by a talk from Dr Walker, who noted the importance of using a flexible gel in a highly dynamic area such as the lips. Dr Cetto and Dr Walker then performed live demonstrations on the same mother and daughter duo.

Dr Trevidic delivered an anatomy lecture on the mid-face, followed by a talk by Dr Cetto on the lower face and jaw contouring. Dr Redka-Swoboda shared how to choose the best products for this treatment, which was followed by live demonstrations, illustrating the technique by Dr Harb and Dr Redka-Swoboda, who used the Redka-Galadari 1 Point Technique. Dr Cetto then lectured on the benefits of RHA technology to hydrate skin and allow further flexibility.

The day ended with a talk by Dr Trevidic, who shared how to avoid complications and adverse events while promoting a safe and successful treatment.

Cosmetic doctor and ophthalmologist Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch, said of the day, “It was one of the most interesting and informative educational days I've attended in a long time. Patrick Trevidic showed anatomy dissections corresponding to the live injections on every part of the face.”

Jordan Sheals, brand manager at Teoxane UK said the day was a complete success. “The fifth edition of Teoxane Expert Day saw delegates absorb Teoxane’s key opinion leader’s wealth of knowledge. We aim to share medical education at the highest standard, delivering scientific innovation and excellence in facial aesthetics and our fifth TED certainly delivered this – it was a real success,” she said.


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