On the Scene: The Future of Breast Augmentation 

02 May 2017

On the morning of April 12, special guests were invited to learn about the B-Lite lightweight breast implants at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic in London.

B-Lite marketing director Charles Weatherstone opened the event, introducing the B-Lite technology and claiming that they are the world’s first lightweight breast implants and are up to 30% lighter than traditional types.   

He said, “It’s all about natural look and feel. Worldwide we are getting close to 1,000 patients and we genuinely believe this is going to transform the breast aesthetics industry forever, both for patients and surgeons. We have reduced the weight of the breast implant by up to 30%, which has significant benefits.” Among these benefits, he claimed, is reduced neck and back pain, as well as reduced postural changes that can result from heavier implants.   

Consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Christopher Inglefield then delivered a presentation detailing his experiences using the breast implants on his patients and describing the benefits he has seen.   

Apart from weight, he said other advantages are that there is no change in surgical technique required for insertion, they are more transparent under mammography than traditional implants and are naturally white in colour so that they refract light and prevent a potential Tyndall effect.  

He also said that that because B-Lite weighs less than traditional implants, and even breast tissue, they will not cause the skin to sag as much with age, reducing the need for this type of revision surgery.    

“My goal as a surgeon is to do one operation on a patient and never have to touch that breast again. With a B-Lite implant we have the opportunity to achieve that goal,” Mr Inglefield said. He added, “We have gone from the early days of breast implants where patients get a choice of the size of their implants to where patients now have a choice of texture, size and weight characteristics and actually how that implant is going to behave within the body.”  

After the presentations, guests enjoyed breakfast, while asking questions about the product and  global breast augmentation trends. 


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