On the Scene: Thermi Pre-launch Event, London

16 Jun 2016

Distinguished guests gathered at LINIA Skin Clinic on Harley Street for the Thermi Pre-launch Event on June 9.

Practitioners, distributors and suppliers were greeted with a canapé reception, which was followed by a presentation from Thermi European sales director, Pierre Mileur.

According to Mileur, the Thermi is a multi-platform radiofrequency device that incorporates five different technologies for a variety of procedures and includes a thermal imaging camera to produce infrared images.

Included in the platform is the injectable ThermiTight, which aims to achieve sub-dermal tissue remodeling on the neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, thighs and knees; ThermiRase, that aims to treat the nerves for wrinkle reduction on the forehead and neck and ThermiDry, which aims to disable the axillary sweat glands in the underarms.

Also included in the platform is the non-invasive ThermiSmooth, which uses a thermistor-regulated handpiece that aims to achieve dermal remodeling and rejuvenation on the face and body, and the ThermiVa technology, which aims to treat the internal and external areas of the vagina, including treating loose and dry vaginas, a leaky bladder, fallen bladder and orgasmic function.

Gynecologist Dr Mohammad Masood followed Mileur’s presentation, and discussed the ThermiVa. He said, “Times are changing and women are becoming aware that they have options to treat these things and are often put off by surgical invasive treatments – I think it is a really amazing machine."

Plastic surgeon Mr Miles Berry discussed ThermiTight, noting that he thinks it is a nice alternative to a surgical procedure, and introduced a patient who had recently had treatments on her arms to demonstrate the results.

Dermatologist and medical director at LINIA Skin Clinic, Dr Simon Zokaie, then discussed the ThermiSmooth, “The user control is the fantastic part, we are in control of the temperature for as long as we want to treat the patient. ”

Dr Zokaie then performed a live demonstration of the ThermiSmooth. Andy Hay on behalf of Thermi distributor Triangle Surgical, also presented training and sales information, which was followed by a question and answer session.

The Thermi is manufactured by Dalas-based company, ThermiGen, which was recently acquired by Almirall, a global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona.


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