On the Scene: VENN Healthcare Advanced Antiageing Seminar, London

03 May 2016

The latest developments in antiageing devices were presented to doctors, nurses, clinic owners and aestheticians at the VENN Healthcare Advanced Antiageing Seminar at PHI Clinic, London on April 25.

After a canapés and drinks reception, Chris Schiel, CEO of aesthetic distributor VENN Healthcare, opened the event and introduced cosmetic practitioner and PHI Clinic director Dr Tapan Patel and aesthetic surgeon Dr Benji Dhillon, who spoke about the Lutronic INFINI and the new Classys ULTRAFORMER III device.

The Lutronic INFINI is a high intensity focused radiofrequency device that aims to deliver enhanced wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and volumisation results throughout the whole body using microneedles.

Dr Patel said PHI Clinic had been using the Lutronic INFINI device for almost five years and said the device is precise, has minimal downtime, can be delivered at a low-cost and usually only one to three treatments are needed. Most importantly he said, “We can treat all skin types; it’s impossible now to be in aesthetic medicine and stick to treating patients with only one skin type.”

Dr Patel also discussed the science behind the device, how it compares to other similar products, showed before and after photos and case studies and explained how to use the device through a live demonstration.

Dr Dhillon then went on to discuss his experiences using the new Classys ULTRAFORMER III device, a high intensity focused ultrasound system, which aims to provide a lifting and tightening effect on the face and neck.

After the close of the session Dr Patel said, “I was delighted to work in collaboration with VENN Healthcare because we have two of their systems and it gave myself and Dr Dhillon the chance to describe how we are incorporating new technologies into our full antiageing programme. It was a fantastic session, full of interaction, and allowed us to share experiences and I hope the delegates enjoyed it.”


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