Post-procedural care line launches

26 Oct 2016

A line of products that aim to assist in the recovery of post-procedure skin has launched.

Derma Revive includes the Derma Revive Sunscreen Moisturiser Antioxidant Soothing SPF50, which aims to provide an all in one solution for UV protection, moisturising, antiageing and soothing. Also included in the range is the Derma Revive Natural Aloe Vera Gel for assisting in post-procedural recovery. According to the company it has no added chemicals and incorporates organic tea tree oil for antiseptic purposes.

The creator of the line, Luxy Xu, who is also the treatment director at London Premier Laser Clinic said she worked with laboratory pharmacists and doctors to perfect the formulations.

She said, “Through my work, I am fortunate to have access to, use and stock the top brands and top quality skincare products across the world in my eight skin clinics. I know the good, pure and effective ingredients that can not only aid skin to recover, but also revive and enhance the treatment result as well as protect the skin and delay the signs of ageing.”

According to Derma Revive, the products can be used on all skin types and are paraben and fragrance free and non-comedogenic.  


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