Practitioners offer their services for COVID-19 vaccine

12 Jan 2021

Aesthetic clinic chains the Private Clinic and Cosmetics Skin Clinic have offered up their teams to help as volunteers to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The clinics have 16 sites across the country, employing approximately 100 surgeons, doctors and nurses.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Valentina Petrone, CEO of the group, commented, “As a business, we have a team of medical professionals and registered clinics located across the UK in the majority of key locations. We have contacted the government and offered our full support to all of our NHS colleagues and friends at this hugely challenging time. The nature of our business also puts us in the fortunate position to already have in-house technologies which allow us to test our staff and patients daily for COVID-19. With a well-established regional network of sites and access to trained medical staff, they are in a position to provide immediate assistance.”


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