proto-col introduces collagen shot

22 Jul 2015

British skincare company proto-col has launched a new oral collagen shot that aims to visibly reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity in four weeks.

Collagen Shot is to be taken daily for at least 10 days for full effect and uses 5000mg of VERISOL Bioactive collagen peptide – the closest match to human DNA.

The daily food supplement delivers a combination of VERISOL type I and III bovine collagen hydrolysate, vitamins B6, C & E, zinc, biotin and copper. It aims to support the body’s own collagen formation to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

According to the company, it is the only source of collagen hydrolysate that has been scientifically proven to repair and restore levels of collagen within the body, and has been approved by the World Health Organisation as safe for consumption.


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