Research indicates blunt-blade subcision is effective in acne scar treatment

25 Jul 2016

A new study published in Dermatology Surgery indicates that a blunt-blade subcision procedure was effective in treating atrophic acne scars with mild adverse effects.

Researchers studied 18 patients with moderate-to-severe bilateral atrophic facial acne scars considered eligible for subcision between September 2012 and March 2013. 

Local anaesthesia was a tumescent solution of 50ml 1% plain lidocaine, 1ml 0.1% epinephrine, and 10ml 8.4% sodium bicarbonate solution in 1L of normal saline, injected subdermally. 

A blunt stainless steel subcision blade, in 6cm or 13cm length and 1.5mm width, with gradually narrowing edges and a rounded blunt tip, was used for the subcision. 

Marked improvement was noted in nine patients (50%) and moderate improvement in six patients (33.3%) within six months of the procedure. 

Twelve patients (66.7%) reported high satisfaction with results, while five patients (27.8%) reported moderate satisfaction and one patient reported no change.


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