Save Face announces Consentz as preferred software partner

19 Oct 2017

Independent accreditation body Save Face has selected Consentz as its preferred software partner.

The collaboration aims to promote shared safety standards in the aesthetics specialty.  

Clinical director of Save Face, Emma Davies, said, “Save Face has selected Consentz as it supports practitioners in keeping good electronic records, which are necessary to be compliant with data protection requirements. Many practitioners are now considering going ‘paper free’, and the challenges of secure record keeping, compliant data storage, and efficient communication with patients, are industry-wide. She added, “Save Face considers Consentz to provide solutions that effectively helps maintain standards that we consider are necessary in today’s industry. This is backed up by considerable feedback from our registrants.” 

Consentz co-founder and chief medical officer, Dr Natalie Blakely, said, “Save Face shares our passion for patient safety and care. We are delighted they have chosen Consentz as their preferred software partner.”


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