Scandinavian Skincare Systems UK named distributor of Hyabell dermal fillers

07 Sep 2015

Hyabell hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with lidocaine are to be distributed by Scandinavian Skincare Systems in the UK.

The new Hyabell filler, which will also be distributed in Norway through Scandinavian Skincare Systems, aims to offer safe, gentle and effective results. The filler uses monophasic particle technology (MPT) during the production process, which aims to give Hyabell a much gentler extrusion force.

Felipe Bonilla, sales manager at Adoderm GmbH in Germany where the fillers are produced, said, “We are delighted to welcome Scandinavian Skincare Systems UK as our new exclusive distributor partner for the UK and Norway. The expertise gathered by Scandinavian Skincare Systems over its past 15 years in the aesthetics industry in UK and Norway is a guarantee that our latest line of Hyabell dermal fillers will be delivered with all the support from two subsidiary Norwegian companies, MediSkin and Vestfold Hudakademi, who are committed to safety, satisfaction and well-being.”


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