Scottish nurses to stock POMs

14 Apr 2018

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) has confirmed in a Stakeholder meeting earlier this week that aesthetic nurses who own HIS-registered clinics can now legally stock prescription only medications (POMs) such as botulinum toxin and hyaluronidase on premises.

A spokesman for HIS told Aesthetics today, “The MHRA have advised us that a nurse or a nurse independent prescriber cannot order and stock prescription only medicines or pharmacy medicines in their own right. However, any ‘persons carrying on the business of an independent clinic’ are able to order and stock prescription only and pharmacy medicines in connection with the running of the clinic.”

Historically, aesthetic nurse prescribers, despite owning their own clinics, were not permitted to hold POMs on premises without the presence of an on-site doctor.

According to Scottish nurse prescriber and clinic owner Frances Turner Traill, who represents the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) for HIS, and is also on its advisory board, the biggest issue with this is not being able to hold emergency stock like hyaluronidase on premises.

“It’s all about safety. The window of opportunity to have a successful outcome of a serious complication like vascular occlusion is quite short and therefore you must be able to immediately respond to it with hyaluronidase to get the best clinical outcome. It’s important that all practitioners can treat potential aesthetic complications and access the correct medication in an emergency situation.”

Turner Traill said that the BACN has been in discussions with HIS and the MHRA for sometime, and is thrilled with this announcement.

“From a day-to-day basis it’s fantastic, now as a nurse who owns a clinic I can hold stock. It improves patient safety, as well as convenience as we can now have on stock things like lidocaine and botulinum toxin,” she said.

Nurse prescriber Michelle McLean, Scottish regional leader for the BACN, added, “It’s a day in history, this is where things are going to move forward for nurses to become more empowered and it’s just a really good thing for both nurses and patients.”


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