Sexual Aesthetics Centre opens in Harley Street

30 Sep 2016

A sexual aesthetics centre has been opened in London’s Harley Street by Dr Sherif Wakil, who claims that the facility is the first of its kind in Europe.

He explained, "A number of men and women suffer from sexual dysfunction. After I introduced the O-Shot and P-Shot treatments for male and female sexual rejuvenation with PRP, into Europe and the UK in early 2014, I noticed how these problems for men and women were undermined.”

The centre focuses on providing bespoke female and male sexual dysfunction treatments and offers Dr Wakil’s trademarked protocol, the O Concept, which incorporates the O-Shot and P-Shot PRP treatments as well as other non-surgical procedures.

Dr Wakil said, “I wanted to launch a ‘Centre of Excellence’ that was dedicated to specifically treat these patients with sexual dysfunction, by offering a wide range of safe, non-surgical, cutting-edge treatments that target the different types of male and female sexual dysfunction. In doing so, I designed the O Concept, which is the first worldwide set of unique protocols formed by blending the latest, advanced technology, treatments and natural supplements to ensure the very best results. It’s a very exciting time to be a the forefront of sexual aesthetics.”

As part of his clinic’s protocol, Dr Wakil is also including bioidentical hormone therapy, supplements and bespoke diet and nutrition advice.


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