Sinclair Pharma launches Silhouette XLift after pilot study

23 May 2018

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma has launched a new protocol named Silhouette XLift after a successful pilot study, which trialled a new way of treating patients using Silhouette Soft threads.

The Silhouette Soft treatment aims to lift and regenerate skin through the use of bidirectional cones on sutures inserted into the subcutaneous layer. In the pilot study, Dr Ian Strawford, Dr Victoria Manning, Dr Ayad Harb and Dr Kuldeep Minocha each treated four patients using the new Silhouette Soft XLift protocol. 

Following the study, the company now recommends that practitioners use 10 sutures per patient to improve the aesthetic outcomes and stimulate more collagenesis. Dr Strawford said, “A significant advantage of treating patients with this number of sutures are fewer complications – results have shown an immediate lift, without any puckering or dimpling. Additionally, recovery time has also been much less.” 

Dr Manning added, “Feedback from patients so far has been extremely positive with improved initial results and eight out of ten patients stating they would have the procedure again. These pioneering techniques will enhance results and increase satisfaction of patients.”


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