Skincare application technology to be available to patients

13 Sep 2017

Technology that aims to advise users on how much skincare to apply and when they should apply it could be available in two years' time.

Cutitronics, a technology company, has developed a device that advises users by measuring the skin's permeability in real-time.

CutiTron, which uses the tagline 'Fitbit for your skin', aims to help companies deliver tailor-made skincare by allowing them to personalise the skincare experience they offer consumers. This is said to be achieved through gathering data that can be used to coach the user on how best to apply skincare products, and ensure that the optimal advice is provided to them as their needs change over time.

Engineer Dr David Heath, founder and CEO of Cutitronics, said, "Currently, people apply products using guesswork, which affects its results. Research has found that the average British woman spends £70,000 on her appearance during her lifetime. This is why we have created a menu of patented CutiTron technology which enables assessment of personal skin health, much like how a Fitbit tracks your activity."

He continued, "We have also created a unique method of automated skin stimulation to enhance product absorption and personalise product dosage. The technology also helps to coach consumers to achieve optimum results.”

Croda International plc, which create, make and sell high performance ingredients and technologies, has entered a strategic partnership with Cutitronics to help spur the company’s growth. Cutitronics say this investment will enable them to bring their technology to pre-market readiness within 12 months, with the potential for it to be available within two years.


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