SkinCeuticals introduces new lip product

11 Jun 2015

Advanced skincare company SkinCeuticals is to launch a new lip product in July.

Antioxidant (AOX) Lip Complex is the latest addition to the company’s Correct product range. It aims to treat damaged or ageing lips, with a combination of pure antioxidants, vitamin E, silymarin and active ingredients.

To be incorporated into a daily care routine, SkinCeuticals claim the AOX Lip Complex delivers three key benefits: restores hydration, refines and smoothes appearance of the lip tissue and protects against environmental damage.

It is also claimed to offer significant benefits when offered as part of pre- and post-procedure care following lip filler augmentation, providing relief from common after-effects such as dryness, tightness and swelling.

“This is a fantastic treatment which I believe will quickly become an integral part of my patients’ skincare routine because of how it rejuvenates and replenishes lip tissue,” said aesthetic practitioner Dr Sarah Tonks. “AOX Lip Complex delivers an anti-ageing, protective treatment which I will use in my clinic both as a preventative option and as an advanced lip therapy for patients with premature lip damage.”


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