SkinMed launches new acne treatment

18 Aug 2017

Dermatological company SkinMed has announced the launch of its new acne treatment system, Acne TripleLock.

The treatment system uses three of SkinMed’s products, including the TEBISKIN Cera-Boost, the TEBISKIN Reticap Face and the TEBISKIN OSK Lotion.   

According to the company, the TEBISKIN Cera-Boost utilises nine key ceramides and fatty acids which aim to build a dense lipid structure to boost the epidermis and control skin moisture levels.

The retinol ingredient is then used through TEBISKIN’s Reticap product, which combines acetyl glucosamine and stabilised ascorbic acid to reduce hormonally induced skin thickening and excess keratin deposition.

Acne TripleLock also uses the TEBISKIN OSK Lotion to target the visible manifestation of the infected spot. The lotion is proven to reduce sebum production rates by an average of 53% and effectively targets p.acnes including eradicating antibiotic resistant strains and calming inflammation.

SkinMed states that by using the key ingredients in these products, patients will have a complete acne solution, targeting the visible as well as invisible underlying causes of acne.  

Managing director and head trainer of SkinMed, Peter Roberts, said, “Knowledge is key to treating acne, once you understand and are able to address all the stages of the acne development process, you’ll have an all-encompassing, long-term acne treatment and we have done exactly that with our new Acne TripleLock Protocols.”  

More details are available on the company’s website.


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