SkinMed launches new rosacea treatment

26 Oct 2017

Dermatological company SkinMed has introduced TripleLock on Rosacea to its treatment portfolio.

According to the company, TripleLock on Rosacea utilises the new patented, medically licenced cream Synchrorose, which incorporates a transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRYP1) receptor blocker.

The company states that these receptors are hyper reactive in rosacea sufferers and, when synergised with three other ingredients, can effectively control symptoms in 80% of difficult-to-treat rosacea sufferers.

The treatment protocol uses Synchrorose cream with Tebiskin Cera-Boost face and body creams, as well as Tebiskin Post Laser Care (PLC) soothing cream, which aims to reduce acute reddening situations.

Included in the protocol and designed to be a follow-on treatment, is Tebiskin Reticap, ingredients of which include encapsulated retinol, vitamin C and acetyl glucosamine, which aim to provide skin stability for long-term relief.

According to the company, the protocol ultimately targets symptoms and underlying causes of rosacea, while increasing tolerance to internal and external triggers.

Head trainer at SkinMed, Peter Roberts, said, “Following extended research and outstanding results, we’re proud to launch this advanced protocol to enhance the already outstanding results achieved with Synchrorose alone. Now we have further raised the bar on what’s possible using new TripleLock.”


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