Skinmed launches TEBISKIN Cera-Boost products

25 Oct 2016

Dermatological distribution company Skinmed has launched two new skincare products aimed at boosting ceramide in the skin.

The TEBISKIN Cera-Boost Face and the Cera-Boost Body aim to act as a multi-level emollient, providing nutrients and hydration, and contain nine ceramides which aim to build a dense lipid structure to boost the epidermis.

Skinmed claims the product is ideal for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin and hyper-reactive skin as these patients are more likely to have ceramide issues.

“Ceramides play an important part in controlling cellular and skin water loss,” said Peter Roberts, founder of Skinmed. “Water loss leads to dehydration and dehydration impairs cellular function, can hasten cell death and lead to a lower resistance to energy damage such as from the sun,” he added.


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