SkinMed launches TEBISKIN Reticap Face and Reticap Eye and Lip

13 Sep 2016

Dermatological distribution company SkinMed has added the Reticap Face and Reticap Eye and Lip by TEBISKIN to its product range.

According to the company, the products encapsulate a six million IU retinol solution and combine 0.2ml with its 48.8ml cream to deliver 24,000 IU of retinol per millilitre.

The retinol products aim to boost new collagen, normalise cell function, encourage skin cell development and normalise pigment production for a healthier, youthful, and more even skin appearance.

The retinol ingredient is also combined with ethyl ascorbic acid, which aims to synergise with retinol; N-acetylglucosamine, which hopes to boosts retinol activity and accelerate hyaluronic acid levels; urea, which smoothes skin and improves hydration; and hyaluronic acid, to provide a moisturising and hydrating effect.    

The products are available now through SkinMed. 


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