SoftFil EasyGuide launches new sizes

04 Jul 2018

Micro-cannula and needle manufacturer Soft Medical Aesthetics has launched two new sizes, 22 gauge 50mm and 23 gauge 70mm, for its SoftFil EasyGuide pilot needle.

The product combines the pre-hole puncture and the cannula together.

According to Soft Medical Aesthetics, due to its distinctive V shape, the SoftFil EasyGuide aids in guiding the cannula into the created insertion point through its open axis and results in smooth contact with patients’ skin. The pilot needle is a half diameter needle that is used as a sharp gutter to slide and guide the cannula into the pre-hole.

The SoftFil EasyGuide aims to offer a gripping area for easy and precise use and ensures the practitioner has ideal visibility of the injection point to minimise traumatism, hematomas and edemas.

The product is distributed in the UK by Healthxchange Pharmacy.  


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