Speciality responds to JCCP plan

21 Jun 2021

Practitioners from across the field of aesthetic medicine have submitted a combined response to the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners’ (JCCP) 10-point plan, released in March.

The 10-point plan was designed to begin to create a more regulated, monitored, and safer environment of practise for non-surgical aesthetics and hair restoration.

Aesthetic practitioners Dr Steven Land and Dr Tapan Patel with aesthetic nurse practitioner Ness Griffiths, submitted the response on behalf of more than 100 fellow nurses, surgeons, doctors, and dentists.

The group agreed with many of the JCCP’s points such as the need for more regulated advertising, mandatory education and training standards, clear and transparent information, safe and ethical prescribing, raising customer awareness and for clear, transparent information to be supplied to patients.

Despite this, the group also outlined their differing opinions on point one regarding statutory regulation. The practitioners stated that doctors, dentists, and nurses are already mandated to be on their statutory registers, compelling them to follow the best practice and guidance. However, the group believe that lobbying and political influence would be more useful than attempting to set up another compulsory register, which they believe is not needed. Instead, the practitioners believe working with regulatory bodies and developing their guidelines and policies would be more welcomed.

The group also expressed their opinions on point four, which outlined the definition of medical and cosmetic treatments. The group contested that any procedure using a prescription-only medicine or class III implantable medical device is medical. They argued that it may also be cosmetic, as the two are not mutually exclusive and they believe that to try and set a distinction would be unfair. The practitioners also mentioned that the majority of breast augmentation surgery (using an implantable medical device) is for cosmetic reasons but also self-evidently medical.

Read the JCCP 10-point plan here


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