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09 Mar 2018

Aesthetics spends 60 Seconds with Chris Littlejohn, Commercial Director at Schuco International

This is an exciting time for Schuco – what’s been happening?

2017 was our 60th anniversary, so we’re in the midst of a full year of diamond jubilee celebrations, beginning with a series of exciting product promotions and special offers to celebrate and support both our existing and new customers. We are also working with some fantastic industry leaders on several exciting product launches and industry training events throughout the year. We are very proud that in this dynamic and challenging market, Schuco has stood the test of time since 1957 – we are still a family-run business and are passionate about our core values of delivering personal, prompt service coupled with leading technologies.

Tell us more about these new launches?

We will soon be unveiling the latest innovation in the Princess® dermal filler range: Volume Plus. This has a higher G prime than the current top five market leaders, and has been specifically designed for mid-face volumising, reshaping and contouring. We have already received outstanding feedback from leading early adopters such as Dr Rita Rakus, and are excited to share more information and expert insights at our Masterclass at ACE. We are also excited about the new worldwide innovations from UniverSkin that we are also planning to launch at ACE – so it’s going to be a very exciting event for us.

Schuco has also just signed with a new distribution partner – can you tell us more?

We have signed an agreement with Med-fx to exclusively distribute the Princess® Dermal Filler product range. This is very important as it means we can now provide even more safety, support and reassurance for aesthetic clinics and practitioners, as only direct purchases through Schuco and Med-fx can be guaranteed under our strict quality-controlled supply chain. In an industry where there are regular concerns about product counterfeiting and insecure, non-direct distribution, our customers can feel reassured that they are receiving a genuine product which has been properly stored and transported, in line with recommendations. 

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