SPONSORED: 60 Seconds with Lucy Dowling

09 Nov 2017

Aesthetics spends 60 seconds with Lucy Dowling, Senior Brand Manager at Merz Aesthetics

Tell us about the new Own Your Beauty campaign?

Own Your Beauty (#OYB) with Belotero® is the new emotive and engaging patient centric campaign designed to enable aesthetic practitioners to empower their patients to own their beauty. Patients today don’t want a filler that ‘owns’ them, they want a filler that naturally integrates into their tissue, so that they can retain their identity and express their emotions. To own your beauty is to take control over how you project your image, and the decisions which you make to achieve that. To own your beauty is to have the confidence to show your emotions.

How can patients own their beauty with Belotero®?

Belotero® is not about painting by numbers for a generic look; it’s a palette of HA fillers that enables a practitioner to tailor a treatment by analysing the face and using the correct tools and techniques to respect individuality, so that every patient can feel empowered to own their age, and own their beauty. Belotero® is differentiated in science, rheology and technique. True Belotero® artists understand the Belotero® difference, to achieve natural looking results.

What’s the future of Belotero®?

Marching through the medical aesthetic industry is an ‘Army of Artists’, Belotero® Artists. With the #OYB campaign at the heart of it, aesthetic practitioners are invited to be a part of the journey to be a ‘master of their art’. The community of Belotero® artists is growing fast, it is a desirable place for aesthetic practitioners to be and belong to, where they can gain the support and partnership from Merz Aesthetics, plus guidance, education, and networking. This community supports professional goals, with patients at the heart of it. By choosing the Belotero® journey and to be part of the Army of Artists, aesthetic practitioners can aspire to grow in confidence and expertise. This journey is aspirational and we welcome aspiring aesthetic practitioners to be a part of it.

If you could describe the campaign in three words, what would they be?

Distinctive, engaging, aspirational. 


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