Study suggests laser efficacy in vitiligo treatment

09 Aug 2017

A laser has shown efficacy in treating vitiligo lesions on the face and neck after a median treatment of 23 sessions, according to research published in JAMA Dermatology.

Researchers from South Korea recruited 14 patients with non-segmental vitiligo for their open-label study and used a gain-switched 311-nm titanium:sapphire laser to treat the lesions twice a week.

Dosing started at 300mJ/cm2 and increased by 50mJ/cm2 in each subsequent session, until achieving post-treatment erythema. The average treatment duration was 3.7 months and the median cumulative dose was 11,850mJ/cm2. Topical tacrolimus ointment 0.1% was also applied to all lesions during treatment and sun protection was recommended.

After a median of 21 treatments and 3.7 months, researchers found that 11 patients demonstrated excellent-to-complete repigmentation and moderate repigmentation was reported for the remaining three patients.

The researchers stated, “Because a majority of patients have limited involvement of their body surface, targeted phototherapy including a 30nm xenon chloride excimer laser has been considered the treatment of choice of localised vitiligo. The gain-switched 311nm titanium:sapphire laser is a promising option for treating vitiligo.” 


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