Surgeon Calls on Government to Reinstate National Breast Implant Registry

20 Nov 2009

Midlands cosmetic surgeon Dalvi Humzah is calling on the Government to reinstate The National Breast Implant Registry (UKBIR). 

Following the recall of PIP implants by French medical authorities, Mr Humzah says it is essential the government adopts the mandatory registration of all implants by both private health consultants and NHS consultants.
French company Poly Implant Perthese (PIP) is being investigated after authorities discovered PIP implants contained a non-approved silicone gel and had a high rupture rate leading to complications. The potentially dangerous implants are believed to have been used in up to 50,000 breast augmentation procedures in the UK.
In the last six months alone, Mr Humzah has treated several patients with ruptured PIP implants. Most involved the removal of the implants, breast clean up and placing new implants in one single operation.
“At the moment, there is no way of knowing for sure how many women have been given PIP implants. If the registry was reinstated, we could easily access this information to ensure patients affected are treated and made aware of such complications,” said Mr Humzah.
Following its launch in 1993, The Department of Health decided to close the UKBIR in March 2006 claiming only a limited number of implanted women were willing to take part in the scheme.
Mr Humzah continued: “Many problems associated with implants surface after several years. With no comprehensive record-keeping mechanism, necessary long-term information is unavailable.Ideally, we need a new registry that protects women’s privacy, yet enables the research we need to make sound, informed safety decisions. Just as importantly, it means women can be alerted quickly to any health threats that develop.”


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