Survey indicates women are not loyal to one cosmetic brand

08 Jul 2016

A study by cosmetic surgery company MyBreast has indicated that 41% of women do not have loyalty to one brand of cosmetics.

The survey also suggested that 82% of women have changed their makeup brand over the years, with 24% of respondents saying they have changed brand depending on their age.

Price came out as the top factor for changing brand (39%), followed by the range of products (29%) and the company’s animal testing policy (14%). Advertising was only chosen by 3%.

General manager of MyBreast, Adrian Baxter, said, “People seem more aware of the brands they use these days and are conscious of what they are putting on their skin. It is interesting reading the findings of the survey to see that price and the product range are the top reasons when deciding on the brand of your choice. However, people seem more informed these days and therefore are not so loyal to one particular brand but are willing to try different brands and products depending on their lifestyle changes and choices.”


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