Survey suggests patients want the ‘natural look’

06 May 2016

A survey of 2,000 American men and women, conducted by dermatology company Galderma, suggests 74% would be more interested in treatments if they produced natural as opposed to frozen results.

Despite the treatments available to prevent the frozen look, the survey, titled Break the Ice, suggests patients are either not aware of or are not comfortable in looking into their options.  

"More than ever before, women and men are experiencing 'breakthrough moments' that create a desire to treat their frown lines between the eyebrows," said Alisa Lask, vice president of US marketing at Galderma Aesthetic and Corrective. "But people aren't talking about it openly, so they don't have the opportunity to learn about all their options for treating frown lines," she added.

Other results in the survey indicated that less than 40% of people would be comfortable talking about treatment with a healthcare specialist and that social media plays a large part in their realisation of ageing, with more than 70% of respondents saying this is how they recognise that their face looks older than they feel.

The Break the Ice Survey is part of a larger consumer campaign from Galderma that aims to show people that the right products and practitioners can achieve natural looking results.

The research included online responses from 1,001 US women and 1,000 US men aged between 30-50 and was conducted on behalf of Galderma by Wakefield Research.


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