Survey suggests that women with C cup breasts are happiest

12 Jun 2018

A national study held by law firm Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors suggests that women with C cup breasts feel most positively about their breasts than those with any other size breasts.

The survey was held amongst 871 women in the UK and when asked whether they loved, liked, didn’t mind, disliked or hated their breasts, the highest response for the liked or loved option was those with size C breasts, at 39%. Following on from this, 11% of women with D or DD size breasts said they loved them, which was the highest percentage of any cup size to select this option. It also showed that regardless of cup size, 38% of respondents said that they didn’t mind their breasts and 25% said they liked them.

Michael Saul, partner at law firm, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors said, “It is very encouraging to hear that most women in the UK have a positive attitude towards their breasts. It was revealed that only 18% of respondents would consider cosmetic surgery.  


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