On the Scene: ‭TeoLabs Training Day, London

19 Sep 2017

‭Aesthetic company Teoxane UK hosted around 40 guests at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on September 6 for its first ever TeoLabs Training Day.

‭Guests were welcomed in the Naim Dangoor Auditorium by Sandra Fishlock, managing director of Teoxane UK. Fishlock said, “I hope that you all can go home and take away one small thing to add to your practice, and if you have done ‭that, then we have done our job today.”

‭Following the introductions was a presentation on aesthetic ideals, facial ageing and how to construct a comprehensive assessment of facial rejuvenation by Dr Raul ‭Cetto.

‭Delegates were then separated into four different groups, each entering a room specialising on a specific treatment area. Dr Lee Walker’s room discussed redefining and balancing the lip, Dr Bhojani-Lynch looked at correcting the tear trough, Dr Sarah Tonks focused on skin hydration and correcting fine lines, while Dr Cetto explored contouring and strategically volumising the face.

‭In their individual presentations, speakers discussed topics such as anatomy, the ageing of their specified area and appropriate product choice, before performing a ‭live demonstration on a patient using different Teosyal RHA fillers with the Teosyal Pen injector. Delegates learnt about each area for 90 minutes, before moving to the next room to observe another treatment.

‭After the day’s conclusion, Teoxane brand manager, Jordan Sheals said, “We are delighted with the success of the event. The objective was that each delegate took something new back to their practice, whether that be a greater understanding of hyaluronic acid and gel rheology, handling a complication or a new technique. The feedback we have received from delegates has proven our vision to be correct, that practitioners value an intimate learning environment, which offers freedom to interact with the trainer on a 1-2-1 level. We will definitely host another TeoLabs in 2018.”


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