Teoxane releases study to support new product

08 May 2018

Following the launch of the Advanced Perfecting Shield SPF30 earlier this year, global aesthetic manufacturer Teoxane has released clinical studies and evidence aimed to support the efficacy of the product.

In total, three studies took place, all of which were designed to test antiageing and anti-pollution activity, as well as antioxidant and anti-glycation properties.

The first two studies, both performed ex vivo, showed the product being applied to human living skin explants whereas study three, which was in vivo, saw a group of Caucasian volunteers aged between 30-45 years old self assess the product and a dermatologist carry out an official examination.

The results indicated that there was a 45% decrease of the oxidative stress induced by a UVA irradiation and a reduction of 73% malondialdehyde (MDA) concentration.

When tested for the moisturising and restructuring activity, the company stated there was a ‘slight increase’ of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and a ‘clear increase’ in the papillary dermis. To conclude, 87% of volunteers who tested the product said they would continue to use it.


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